Monday, 17 October 2011

new beginnings.

Nothing's more exciting than a a purchase from your favourite boutique or greeting the postman at your door with your online goodies! I guess my obsession with clothing and style has resulted in me creating this blog. I know that I'm not 'model' material and that maybe people will think that im trying too hard to be. But I need to stop worrying about what others think and for once do something that I want to do.
To me fashion isn't about walking around with a Chanel bag, or warming yourself up with a Vera Wang furcoat.Dont get me wrong, it would be amazingg to own all those things but simple logic tells me that as a poor uni student working on a causal wage, affording a $10,000+ bag is is far, farrr from possible. Maybe one day... but not now.
Even then i dont feel that people's wardrobes need to be  overflowing with designer outfits for them to look like a million bucks. I've always tried to copy catwalk trends with cheaper options and hopefully i'll be able to show people that it is possible to jazz up your wardrobe with items that aren't too heavy on the wallet.

Love Preena xx

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