Wednesday, 21 December 2011


(top: maddy k.   pants: milkyway.  clutch: thrifted.   shoes: mimi loves jimi.)

I guess its pretty obvious that I might be a little obsessed with mustard coloured clothing... It would definately be my favourite colour this season and it somehow just goes with everything. Must be why I love it so much.

The pants on the otherhand, I bought in new york and were probably one of my favourite purchases during the trip. They have this african wilderness vibe to it, which I love so much.
 Hope you like it!
Preena xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


american apparel shorts. evil twin top. country road backpack. borrowed boots

Anyone else had a last minute crisis on what to wear to a festival?? Well that was me the day before stereosonic...theres just so many options to choose from! Should i wear a dress or shorts, a crop top or t-shirt, sandals or boots..? I couldn't decide and i dont think leaving it to the last minute was a very good idea. Anyway I ended up taking a trip to my local shopping centre to see if I could find anything that may be festive enough. I had decided that I would wear these shorts that I bought from American Apparel but didnt have a top to wear with it. Luckily for me though, the first shop that I entered, I set my eyes on this gorgeous top and it was pretty much love at first sight lol. It was exactly what i was looking for! but now for shoes...Im pretty dissappointed with Brisbane's shoe options. I knew that i wanted boots but could not find any, so I ended up borrowing these boots from a friend. Here are some photos from the day that I took with a disposable camera (i just love the effect film cameras have!)
hope you like it :)
Preena xx

Sunday, 27 November 2011


When I think of lace, a certain word comes to mind...elegant.
There's jsut something about its delicate and feminine appearance that effortlessly transforms any outfit into something unique. It has this ability to make its wearers feel very classy but at the same time, sexy...  
I guess this is why it has been incorporated on runways by the likes of Marchesa, Dolce and Gabbana, Collette Dinnigan, Erdem (and many more). 
I've definately fallen in love with this look and decided to use it as inspiration for my outfit. Hope you like it.
preena xx


Collette Dinnigan
Dolce & Gabbana

My version

dress. mika & gala.  
shoes. wayne cooper. 
socks. target.

Monday, 21 November 2011


Last couple of weeks have been so crazy!! I've been overwhelmed with uni work and exams that I've had no time to blog :( Thank god for holidays though! So glad that it's all over now and I can finally relax and think up of new blog posts. Already have one in mind for this weekend so photos will be up very soon.
In the meantime I had been busy planning a surprise party for my best friend Annalise (aka Leece) who is moving to Sydney to start her new and exciting job as a magazine intern! It actually turned out being on halloween so I made it a Halloween/goodbye surprise party for her. She had no idea and so when everyone jumped out with their party poppers, she was pretty shocked haha. Such a fun night but we're going to miss her soo much...if you're reading this Leece, good luck with everything in Sydney! You are going to be AMAZING!!
here are a few photos from the night...

one of our friends made this cake for leece. it even has a little leece replica at the top! so cute


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Asos Spring Style Australia

Here are some ASOS outfits that I've collaborated for the spring competition.

Preena xx 

Jump into spring with bold, vivid colours complete with statement jewellery. The metallic cuff is definately on my wishlist!

Embrace your inner lady this spring with pretty pleated skirts and wide brimmed hats. Whether its for a day at the races, picnic or tea party, this outfit is perfect for all spring events!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


So today mum was clearing out a few items from her wardrobe and being the generous daughter that I am, I thought I would go and 'help' out. Anyway, I ended up leaving with a few goodies that she didn't want: A sheer black kaftan and polka dot blouse. here's what I came up with...
Hope you like it

Preena xx

Bottom. Tree of Life Kaftan
Top. Mink Pink
Shoes. Jefferey Campbell
Earrings. Salvos

Monday, 17 October 2011

new beginnings.

Nothing's more exciting than a a purchase from your favourite boutique or greeting the postman at your door with your online goodies! I guess my obsession with clothing and style has resulted in me creating this blog. I know that I'm not 'model' material and that maybe people will think that im trying too hard to be. But I need to stop worrying about what others think and for once do something that I want to do.
To me fashion isn't about walking around with a Chanel bag, or warming yourself up with a Vera Wang furcoat.Dont get me wrong, it would be amazingg to own all those things but simple logic tells me that as a poor uni student working on a causal wage, affording a $10,000+ bag is is far, farrr from possible. Maybe one day... but not now.
Even then i dont feel that people's wardrobes need to be  overflowing with designer outfits for them to look like a million bucks. I've always tried to copy catwalk trends with cheaper options and hopefully i'll be able to show people that it is possible to jazz up your wardrobe with items that aren't too heavy on the wallet.

Love Preena xx