Wednesday, 21 December 2011


(top: maddy k.   pants: milkyway.  clutch: thrifted.   shoes: mimi loves jimi.)

I guess its pretty obvious that I might be a little obsessed with mustard coloured clothing... It would definately be my favourite colour this season and it somehow just goes with everything. Must be why I love it so much.

The pants on the otherhand, I bought in new york and were probably one of my favourite purchases during the trip. They have this african wilderness vibe to it, which I love so much.
 Hope you like it!
Preena xx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


american apparel shorts. evil twin top. country road backpack. borrowed boots

Anyone else had a last minute crisis on what to wear to a festival?? Well that was me the day before stereosonic...theres just so many options to choose from! Should i wear a dress or shorts, a crop top or t-shirt, sandals or boots..? I couldn't decide and i dont think leaving it to the last minute was a very good idea. Anyway I ended up taking a trip to my local shopping centre to see if I could find anything that may be festive enough. I had decided that I would wear these shorts that I bought from American Apparel but didnt have a top to wear with it. Luckily for me though, the first shop that I entered, I set my eyes on this gorgeous top and it was pretty much love at first sight lol. It was exactly what i was looking for! but now for shoes...Im pretty dissappointed with Brisbane's shoe options. I knew that i wanted boots but could not find any, so I ended up borrowing these boots from a friend. Here are some photos from the day that I took with a disposable camera (i just love the effect film cameras have!)
hope you like it :)
Preena xx