Friday, 22 June 2012



Dress. Lucy in the Sky
Headpiece. DIY (tutorial coming up soon!)
Shoes. Jeffrey Campbell

This place would have to be one of my favourite little hideouts when I need to relax or de-stress. Just being surrounded by the trees, and sounds of nature is so calming and peaceful. Even though its only five minutes away from my house, not many people in the area know about it so its kind of like my secret garden. There's even a freshwater stream that runs across the bridge which is apparently home to a family of platypus!
Do any of you have a little hideout you like to escape to?

Hope you're all having a good week!

Preena xx

Saturday, 9 June 2012


pants. zara
top. op shop find
jewellery. own/vintage
shoes. jeffrey campbell

Exam time again...kill me.
 Blogging is now a new favourite addition to my list of 'Things I like to do when I should  be studying for an exam'
Ok so I don't actually have a list like that, but lately I seem so easily distracted from uni work, that I  probably could create a long list of all the ways I like to procrastinate. Anyone in the same boat?
I came up with this outfit during one of my moments of procrastination and even though I usually prefer adding a bit of colour to my outfits, I actually don't mind the simplicity of a black and white ensemble. The necklace Im wearing is an Indian vintage ornament, usually worn around the waist of the traditional outfit called a Sari. It belonged to my grandma, so its a pretty special and priceless piece of jewellery to me.  Im so amazed with the detailing on it and turns out it was the perfect addition to my outfit!
Anyway, back to the books for me... yay.


Preena xx